Being able to determine “just right” comes from years of automotive electronics and controls development for both production car and motorsports manufacturers. Our team is also proud of the foundation that this experience is based upon: mechanical and electrical engineering degrees. 

Automotive / Racing Product Development

High-Reliability Harnessing

Shift Lever Force Sensor ("No Lift" Shift Lever)

Shift Lever Digital Shift Indicator

CAN Gateway

CAN I/O adapters

   VR Sensor Inputs, 5v-36v Opto-Isolated Inputs

   Digital Outputs (5/12v selectable)

   CAN <> Discrete (analog or digital), Frequency, or Thermocouple

CAN Gauges & Analysis Tools

Mazda Powertrain CAN Communications

Program Management

Generate and maintain functional specifications

DVP&R test planning

Test reports 

System and software DFMEA’s

Vehicle integration FMEAs

Other technical documentation.

Communications / Diagnostics

SAE J1939, CANOpen, and Proprietary Protocols

CAN Database Creation/Development

CAN Data analysis

Protocol Reverse-Engineering

Diagnostic Protocols (KWP on CAN)

CAN Communications 

(Protocol, Message, and Signal) Development

LIN Communications

SAE J1708 / J1587 Serial Communication

Software / Tools / Programs

ECU Development Systems: INCA, CANape, MCS/Gredi, and CANalyzer

Racing Data Acquisition: Motec I2, AIM RaceStudio2 , Magnetti Marelli Wintax and Axon, TraqMate TraqView, LifeData, LifeView

Programming Languages: C / C++ & Objective-C, Perl & Perl/Tk, Visual Basic & VBA, RealBASIC, CANalyzer (CAPL), MATLAB / Simulink.

PCB Layout: CADSoft Eagle, GC-Preview

Industrial / PLC: Allen Bradley FLC500

CAD Systems: 

Office Software: Microsoft Office, Visio / OmniGraffle, Omni Outliner

Hardware-In-The-Loop: dSpace/ControlDesk with Matlab/Simulink models and Python test automation

Software Development: DOORS requirements management, ClearCase software configuration management (SCM) and ClearQuest issue/defect tracking, eASEE/CDM Studio

Product and Process Development: iQFMEA, Ford FMEAPlus, DVP&R Tools and Macros

Electron Controls * Atlanta, GA * est. 2006